Advocate For Cats

Advocate For Cats

Advocate for catsIf you’ve been looking for a treatment solution for your cat that can help eliminate external parasites as well as prevent the spread of internal parasites as well, then look no further than Advocate for cats. This product can do everything mentioned, and the best part is that you can purchase it without having to get a prescription from your veterinarian.

Benefits of Bayer Advocate

Perhaps the biggest benefit of advocate  particular product is the fact that it can treat both internal and external parasites. This means that you don’t have to purchase separate products for each condition. Advocate for cats has three main purposes.

The first thing it is designed to do is treat your cat both inside and out in order to get rid of any existing parasites that might be present. Second, Advocate for cats is designed to protect your cat and provide ongoing coverage for an entire month so that you don’t have to worry about continuing infection from internal and external parasites. Lastly, Bayer Advocate   is designed to prevent any new parasitic infections from developing. The specially formulated treatment keeps new parasites from developing on the outside as well as the inside of your cat.

Advocate for cats can protect your cat from the infection of a number of different parasites. First of all, this solution can help eliminate fleas. The active ingredient Imidacloprid is what makes this possible. When the solution is applied to your cat’s skin, it spreads over the body evenly and provides a protective coating that prevents any new infestation and also kills off 98 to 100% of any parasites that might be present already. All of this takes place within the first 12 hours of application. Not only does the Imidacloprid kill of existing fleas, but it also reduces or eliminates any flea larvae that might be present.

Advocate  can also help protect your cat from heartworm. When the treatment is applied to your cat’s skin surface, it eventually soaks into the skin and then into the blood where it can spread throughout your cat’s bloodstream. The active ingredient that makes this possible is known as Moxidectin.

Advocate for cats is just as tough on internal gastrointestinal parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and other internal parasites as it is on fleas, mites, and other external parasites. The active ingredients within this solution can help treat and eliminate internal parasites and can also prevent them from developing in the future. When used as a monthly treatment, Advocate can help protect long term protection against the many different parasites mentioned previously.


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